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Boating Blueprint: EdgeWater Power Boats SPI Process

EdgeWater Power Boats uses Single Piece Infusion, SPI, to ensure the exact placement of every fiberglass component which results in stronger, safer boats. Yet, it’s much more than a boatbuilding company. Behind every model produced there’s a group of men and women that are highly trained in the fine art of craftsmanship.
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Sport Fishing TV

The all-new Sport Fishing Television is saltwater fishing like you've never seen it before. From fighting dragon-like bottomfish on the furthest edge of Alaskan waters to chasing dolphin in the shadow of Louisiana's massive oil rigs, filmmaker Graham Morton and his documentary crew traverse the map to bring you action-packed, cinematic portraits of the world's great fisheries. Airs on Discovery's Destination America, Pursuit Channel, Fox Sports Sun, and Amazon Prime.

Come Hell and High Water

“Don’t f--- this up for us, Chris,” Carmine Caruso jokingly warned me with his best Jersey inflection, as he pulled the line from the left outrigger to check a bait. I was riding along on Caruso’s 70-foot Viking, Pipe Dreamer, in late January, while his team competed in the 53rd Buccaneer Cup Sailfish Release Tournament out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Even though Caruso had cautioned me in jest, his words testified to the pressure his crew endures during a tournament workday.
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Welcome to Christmas, Florida

It was hot enough to burn the dead lovebugs on my car's hood. It’s not a holiday for the people of Christmas, Florida.

King Snake Records, back-porch jams, memories of the chitlin’ circuit

How the small Central Florida city played a pivotal role in keeping blues music alive in the Sunshine State. Some people associate blues music with the Mississippi Delta. Some people’s minds drift to Memphis, Tenn. Some think of John Hurt, Blind Lemon Jefferson, or even Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi dressed up as the Blues Brothers on a mission.
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Gibsonton: Where Carnies Go to Get Away from Civilians

They come to your town. They are in charge of your children’s safety. You eat their food. You trust them, but you don’t know them—not in the slightest. You know them as well as your tollbooth operator. Seconds of interaction, not even a name tag. Show people. The C word is a derogatory term in their book, but they are allowed to use it.

Inside Cassadaga, the Psychic Capital of the World

On the surface, Cassadaga resembles a Florida Mayberry. Set back in the backwoods between Daytona and Orlando, the little “Psychic Capital of the World,” has long been a sanctuary for mediums, healers, psychics, and just plain freaks. The Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga was founded in the late 1800s by one George P.

This Florida Cracker Lives in the Old bin Laden Mansion

About 20 miles from Disney’s Magic Kingdom sits another Florida kingdom of sorts, a 1928-built concrete block stucco mansion that looks straight out of a Billy Wilder film. It is surrounded by 13 acres of “Old Florida” views and has a bass-filled lake that would make an angler’s mouth water. Palm trees wave from an approaching afternoon storm.

Feliz Belize: Tarpon Tagging in Belize

For decades, tarpon migrations have been somewhat of an enigma. The Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition is trying to resolve that. This expedition program, in its second year, consists of a partnership between University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, El Pescador Resort, and Front Range Anglers.
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Dream Teams: Top Fishing Crews of Now and Then

We aren’t talking about the 1992 U.S. basketball team made up of Jordan, Johnson, Bird and the many other magicians of the court. We’re talking about the crews that famously won tournament after tournament by catching billfish and monster tuna. These teams filled the International Game Fish Association record books with long battles and heavyweight fish, and some even reside in the IGFA Hall of Fame.
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Guide to Islamorada, Florida Keys

Time stops in Islamorada, Florida. It must be the still oceans on both sides of the highway, giving the effect that the world has taken a break. Hitting U.S. 1 and seeing the mile markers drop makes you feel like the United States rests in the rearview mirror and a faraway island lies up ahead. Get to this location however you can.
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Bahamas Flats Fishing Gone as We Know It?

Envision that you have only 11 days to comment and amend potentially historic legislation that will affect an entire industry. That's happening right now. Proposed legislation was made public on June 18 and will go to a vote on June 29. It threatens to impact a current $141 million annual economy within flats fishing.
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